Reiki Session

A healing experience to clear blockages and infuse positive energy...

  • 1 hour
  • 88 Canadian dollars

Service Description

Reiki, in simpler terms, is similar to peeling away layers of an onion; picture your energetic Aura as layers of light energy around you. As we go through life, negative energy/stress/life traumas build up within our energy core (our chakras), causing blockages of energy and having us feel depleted in these areas or even ill. Reiki allows the healer to 'peel away' these blockages and negative layers that stop us from feeling and performing at our best. During a Traditional Usui Reiki treatment, I ask that you relax comfortably, listening to music while I will connect to your energy pathways across your body. As a Reiki healer, I act as a conduit of positive energy, and transmit Reiki energy while connecting to archangels to focus on each pathway/chakra for several minutes at a time; clearing any blockages I may find and infusing positive healing energy. All 1 hour-sessions include time to perform reiki, as well as go through my findings. *Please be advised, this can be booked as a Distance Reiki Session, or in-person session. Please ensure you select the correct location when booking your appointment. For all Distance sessions, you will be emailed within 24hrs of the completed appointment time with a chakra chart of all findings and messages that came through during your distance reiki.* **All in-person sessions must present a valid completed Covid-19 vaccination record, and complete the session masked at all times** Sessions of 3 are normally suggested to start, however you are welcome to book individual sessions, and as many as you feel are needed. Have a question about this service, send me an email!

Cancellation Policy

If cancelling a booking, please kindly provide 48 Hours’ notice. Failure to provide 48 hours’ notice will result in the loss of a retainer fee (30% of booked appointment cost)

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  • + 647-294-9064