Card Reading- Gift Certificate

Card Reading- Gift Certificate


A Card Reading will answer questions you have on your mind, as well as give you the push you need to follow your gut instincts and lift your uncertainties. Feeling stuck in your career or love life? Confused on what your next step is? Unsure of which path to take and feel like you're at a fork in the road? This is the perfect service for quick answers!


6 Cards are pulled with your intentions, and will give you clear steps on how to approach this next chapter in your life. 


Please contact me to book an appointment (with your certificate #) and you will be forwarded your card reading via email within 24hrs of your scheduled time. Have a question about this service, send me an email!


 *All Gift Certificates will be printed with the name of the recipient. Please include a note with your purchase, with the recipients full name. No refunds or returns on Gift Certificates once purchased*


Expectations for a Spirit Reading: As you continue to follow your life’s journey-loved ones, spirit guides and angels continue to form a relationship with your energy. This means any of them can come through in a reading. As Spirit takes charge of the reading, I am merely the "medium" of communication for them, and will pass on messages they bring forward. You could hear from people you once knew, people who passed before you were born or while you were very young, or guides and angels you have not yet had the privilege of meeting. I always do my best to ensure you understand who I am communicating on behalf of. They will give you memories and descriptions to help you identify who they are. You may be looking to hear from someone or wanting to hear something specific during your reading. As readings are individual and channeled by Spirit, I do not choose what information comes forward. Always remember, as much as I try to ask for information you would like to hear, Spirit will tell you information you need to hear for your highest and greatest good. Come into the reading with an open mind and open heart, and you will leave with a wonderful experience! All readings are confidential, and you are welcome to record or takes notes during the session. Purchase for yourself to use at a later date, or for someone special!