What is a Spiritual Reading?

Relax, De-stress, and Allow Spirit to Guide You

A reading, whether Psychic or Mediumship focused, is an emotional experience- focusing on loving messages from spirit, insight into your life's path, and an energetic healing. It is not a guarantee to the future, rather a finding of information. and a foresight of possible future experiences.

Many times, those that seek a reading are wanting answers to questions they continue to wonder about. Whether it may be the safety and health of their beloved passed family and friends, stuck in life's challenges, or simply wanting some clarity on where their life path may lead them. Spirit messages come through to give you guidance and direction on what is BEST for you. However, some people request readings in hopes of validating what they WANT to hear.

It is always best to attend a reading with an open mind, and open heart. This provides the medium, or reader, with a clear field of energy and are usually able to validate more information for this way. Remember, as anxious and excited as you are to receive a reading, so is Spirit to reach out to you. They miss interacting and speaking with you just as much. Even though they send us signs and symbols to interact, we don't often notice these. They have so much they want to share with you. So my motto is- Let Spirit Share Everything They Know You Need To Hear! As the end of the reading approaches, you are welcome to ask questions to clarify anything further on your mind.

Look forward to a healing experience, and always know Spirit is there to guide you!

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