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A 1:1 personal coaching program focused to take you from fear-based thoughts and patterns, to confident and clear within your purpose, business and relationships. 

This program offers you simple and attainable exercises to work through the effects of past trauma, anxiousness & overwhelm, imposter syndrome and fear-based thinking, and unveil ultimate clarity in your soul's purpose.

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You're Seeking:


~to reverse self-sabotage and imposter syndrome and heal what triggers this

~to create healthy boundaries

~to balance your feminine & masculine frequencies

~to find happiness, purpose and fulfillment

~abundance and releasing limited self-worth due to past circumstances and generational conditioning

~confidence and find yourself trapped by your own limitations

~to start living a more grounded, spiritually-rooted life


This format of coaching is designed to take away the "lost & confused" emotions you experience and replaces them with confidence, clarity and defined inner power.

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Working with me means working with someone who understands the energetic burnout you've been feeling. It means inviting in strategic exercises, working to reframe your mindset, practicing soul-growth commitments, and holding space for you as you venture through energetic upgrades.


I want to be there to see you shed the happy tears when you accomplish your goals and dreams. I want to be the one who holds your hand- not to do the work for you, but to see you take the biggest leap of your life; the one where you unapologetically claim what's yours!

Within The Mindset Mastery Portal,

You'll Receive:  

~8 Weeks of Personalized Coaching, customized to your unique energetic frequency and needs

~Weekly calls and modules to flow through, along with program exercises and worksheets to match each weeks learnings (you will have access to all video call recordings to review)

~One (1) 60 Minute-Intuitive 'Soul Discovery Session' to provide you with a customized action plan for your 8 weeks of coaching and define what goals we want to achieve in our time together, and in the short term future

~One (1) Distance Reiki Healing Session , focusing on clearing your chakras of negative frequencies, unblocking emotions and traumas held within them, allowing us to establish what's needed for you to reach your potential growth (for all pay in full clients)

~1:1 support within your eight (8) week program- via Voxer, to chat with me Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm EST (with a 24hr window for response turnaround time). This begins at the onset of your Soul Discovery Session.

~ Intuitive development and opening your energy for guidance in your life, from your spirit guides.

~One (1) 30 Minute Mid Program 1:1 Call

~One (1) 30 Minute  Post Program 1:1 Call

Yes, this is the guidance your soul has been searching for!

Together in an 8 week program, we'll transform your limiting beliefs and give you the confidence to pursue your future abundant life; in ways you never imagined you could! If you're ready to take the leap and invest in your soul's growth, then I'm ready to get you there!

Investment: $4,000 

(for eager 1 time payment clients)

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Start owning your growth, take the accountable steps towards your healing journey and transform your mindset & mental health! Let's begin the process, together. 

Book a FREE Call below and let's see if we're the perfect pair to work together!

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