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Hi, I'm Andrea

I'm a Spiritual Psychic Medium, Reiki Healing Practitioner, and Mindset & Energetics Coach.  I live in a cozy neighborhood in Ontario, Canada, with my Husband, young daughter, and our 2 small dogs who constantly keep us on our toes. I'm a true to heart Scorpio, but I am more hugs, than bite. (except when I'm hungry!)


From a young age I realized I was given the ability to connect to spirit. I had experiences that not everyone could understand. I could sense and see apparitions, figures in the dark, hear noises when no one was in the room, and knew of bad happenings before someone communicated them to me. 

I had many spiritual experiences while growing up, that didn't seem to me as "out of the ordinary". It wasn't until I became older that I realized not everyone would see or hear the things I did.

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I would be startled awake by vivid dreams. I was bullied for being different, for being petite, for being kind to kids who had disabilities, and even for having a lisp when I was young. I went through a period in my life where I thought friendship wasn't possible as it seemed no one was really "my friend".  Before I entered my 20's, I had a reading with a Medium who told me I held the ability to connect spiritually and even mentioned my abilities and how they effected my life. I was shocked, to say the least! I approached the idea of mediumship not long after, and under the guidance of a Mentor, I started to learn and practice with the tools I'd had been given. Through training, I realized I could utilize my abilities to help those who felt lost and stuck, as I once did. From that moment onward, I never looked back. I have since undergone training to learn Usui Reiki Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Mindset Mentoring and am pursuing my interests in Hypnotherapy and other Wellness techniques.

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Since beginning my Spiritual journey at a young age, I have worked with people from all over the globe specializing in intuitive readings, channeling energies, personal growth and mindset coaching. As a Medium, I empower my clients to live a life of purpose and confidence, helping them see their highest potential and receive clarity driven messages from the divine. As a Coach, my passion for educating about mindset healing and energetics expands beyond my coaching clients, as I share my insights and experiences with my social community I support and grow. My recent work has expanded to working with mothers who experience prenatal traumas and postpartum difficulties. I would love the opportunity to meet you and share loving messages, as I have for so many others since 2010. Visit my Services page for a list of my current offerings.

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